Are you getting a fair go from your super, investments and insurance?


commission refunds on ongoing trailing commissions on most financial products in Australia.

  • Superannuation funds*.
  • Allocated Pensions or Retirement Income Accounts*.
  • Managed Funds and Investments*.
  • Cash Management Trusts*.
  • Master Trusts and Wrap Accounts*.
  • Personal Insurance Policies (life insurance, TPD insurance, income protection & trauma insurance).
  • Capital Protected Loans and Structured Products*.

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What fees & trailing commissions are refundable? What happens to your current financial products?

100% commission refund, that's our guarantee

There is no catch, no hidden fees and no obligations. We’re doing this because if we give you a fair go, it’s possible you will return the favour.

Commission Refunders is backed by Infocus Wealth Management Limited, one of Australia’s fastest growing financial planning groups with over 80 offices around Australia. When you claim your 100% refund we get the opportunity to build a relationship with you. A relationship that we hope will lead to better financial advice for you and possibly the use of our services in the future.

And just so you don’t think we are a bunch of hypocrites: Yes, Infocus do charge fees for our financial planning services, but that’s OK. What we disagree with is the practice of advisers, brokers and banks collecting ongoing trailing commissions without adding any value to you, the customer.

So if you’re not getting value from your current adviser, broker or bank, cut the cord. Claim your commission refund from your superannuation, investment fund and insurance products and we trust that the next time you need financial advice, you’ll think of calling us first.



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